Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

“I think it’s the situations in life where we have to strive and achieve things in spite of our flaws that builds character and then in turn shapes us into the people we are.” 

-  Alessandra Decosta, Immortal Prophecy

Happy New Year to all our Fans and thank you for loving our characters from Prophecy as much as we do!  What a dream come true it has been for us to hear how much you are enjoying the series.
When my daughter Samantha and I wrote Immortal Prophecy, we wanted to have characters who were strong.  Stand alone types.  People who were aware that they are in charge of their own happiness.  Empowered characters ….
Being aware of your  strengths as well as your  weaknesses is the first step to becoming your true self.  People who aren’t afraid to look at themselves closely in truth and work out what is real and what is unhealthy. People who  can endeavour each day to work towards the best version of themselves. I don’t say it’s easy. At times it can be very painful and difficult.
We all fail, but it is in the learning from our mistakes, that make us empowered persons. And it is in that old saying “To thine own self be true” that we can look at the truth of who we are and what we can do to make ourselves happy.  People can advise you, and it is always good to be able to talk things over with trusted friends/family, but the final choice for an adult person is to work through what is the right choice for them.
At times, life can be very complicated and it may be prudent to seek professional help or even counselling, before we can even get to the point of finding our true selves.
Never expect someone else  to make you happy.  Take responsibility for your own happiness and discover how to be empowered through self-awareness.
 Get to know yourself, be honest and discover what makes YOU tick.

Take care